segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

Remote Fun Here is a photo taken during the last CQWW SSB. I operated remote, running Win-test. The remoting is done with a pair of Remoterig boxes, a superb solution for remote stations! On these photos you can see the control point (top) and at bottom a detail of the remote station. The CW Key does not appear. CW and SSB QSOs are perfect with this setup.
Everything worked perfectly, and I had a lot of fun. There were no delay issues, and I had to remind myself I was actually more than 100km away from the radio! The station inludes the TS480HX (left), an LDG AT200PC antenna tuner, a remoterig unit ( on the top of the radio) and all power supplies. There is a PC at the remote site, that is being used less and less since I switched to the remoterig. I plan to replace it completly by using a serial device server to connect all serial port controlled accessories directly to the internet. I'll write about that in the future. The whole station is built inside a computer rack:
Now the time has come to upgrade the antenna system. I am currently using an 80m dipole with the LDG tuner to get out on all bands. Fonte: PY1KN Marcelo Gomes.

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